Full body spray tan – £30

Rose and Caramel tan has been specifically created to complement different skin tones, infused with neutralising pigments that ensure the perfect result for absolutely everyone.

All tanning products are infused with elfamoist an intense moisturising ingredient, which helps the developing tan to penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skins top layer, resulting in a darker, longer lasting tan with a more natural fade out.


– We recommend leaving your tan on for a minimum of 6 hours before you shower to let the tan fully develop.

– When you shower the tan off pat yourself dry with the towel instead of rubbing

– Moisturise daily


 Ensure you exfoliate and shave/wax well before your appointment. For the best tan, we would recommend doing so at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment, and not immediately beforehand.

– Ensure no product is on the skin for your tan e.g. moisturiser, makeup or deodorant. This will cause a barrier on the skin and may cause the tan to turn patchy or green

– Wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment

-Wear flip flops if you can

– If you have long hair please tie it up

– We can provide you with paper knickers and hair nets