Semi- permanent Lips

Our range of semi-permanent make-up solutions creates full, beautifully coloured lip results that last.

Lip tattooing creates the look of lipstick. Using a range of colours from nude to bold red, it can be done in several styles, from a sheer pop of colour by lip blushing, to shape-perfecting permanent lip colour, through to permanent lipstick.

Our lip make-up artist, Chloe R, will provide a complimentary consultation to ensure you understand the choices and will guide you to the right solution for you. We use high quality lip pigments from Tina Davies.

Tattoo ink is no longer used with these treatments. PMU pigments are now used, so the lip tattoo does not last forever. The semi-permanent lip colour gradually fades and requires occasional touch ups to stay fresh.

Free top up included 4-6 weeks after if required (depends on skin type and healing).

Semi permanent Lips
Lip liner £150
Lip blush £250
Lip Annual colour refresh
Lip liner £75
Lip blush £125
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Semi- permanent eyebrow tattooing

At Chloe’s beauty and skin clinic we offer an ombre/ powder brow technique using a machine to create a fuller and more defined look for your brows, filling in any sparse areas without the need to wear makeup.   
This method of semi-permanent brows is suitable for all skin types, and it is also great for covering pre-existing semi-permanent makeup such as microblading. Similarly, to lips we offer a wide range of brow pigments, from light brown to black. The colour will be chosen with Chloe R, alongside the brow mapping process to create your dream brow.   
This treatment requires a free top up 4-8 weeks after your first appointment.

Semi-Permanent Brows
Consultation - Free
Full set of new brows - £300
Brow top ups
6–12-month colour boost - £150
13–18-month colour boost - £175
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New set of brows and lip package (including first top-up for both)- £500  
Touch up required 9-18 months after final touch up.   


All semi-permanent treatments hold a non-refundable £50 booking fee to secure the appointment.  

Any colour boosts for semi-permanent tattooing that has not been touched up within 18 months will be charged at the price of a new treatment.  

All semi-permanent make up treatments require a patch test at least 10 days before their initial appointments with us.