A perfect treatment to provide effective hair removal all year round. A powerful laser heats and destroys hair follicles, disrupting hair growth quickly and comfortably, achieving the best possible clinical results.

At Chloe’s, we use Soprano ICE – one of the most effective laser hair removal solutions around. Incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies, Soprano ICE allows us to treat the widest range of patients and hair types.

The total number of sessions required varies between patients and depends on the areas being treated and how effectively your body reacts to laser treatment. To get long-lasting results, typically you would require 6-10 treatment sessions spread out over several months with sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart.

We provide a full and free consultation to assess your skin suitability and conduct a patch test on the area to be treated before your treatment.

You will need to shave the area to treated 24 hours prior to the treatment and shave between your future laser treatments. You should not use any other method of hair removal, for example waxing, electrolysis or tweezing.

Laser Hair removal
10% discount on courses of 6 or 12
Chin £55
Lip £45
Lip and chin £75
Full face £120
Full face and neck £140
Basic Bikini £70
Brazillian £110
Hollywood £120
Underarms £70
Half arm £70
Full arm £90
Lower or upper legs £120
Full chest or back £120
Full legs£140